While I suppose it’s important to research various sweeteners and understand their functions, benefits and potential harmful effects, I get really tired of trying to keep track of which one we’re supposed to be avoiding at any given time.

I guess it’s agave’s turn to take a spin on the black-sheep mobile. In this piece from the Huffington Post, Dr. Joseph Mercola explains why he believes agave syrup is even worse for you than high fructose corn syrup.

I don’t want to discount what he’s saying about marketing trying to make foods seem healthy when they really aren’t. It’s important to be aware what kinds of processes foods go through before they get to the store, but sugar is sugar is sugar,  and if you take in too many excess calories from it, you’re going to gain weight and upset your blood sugar balance.

The bottom line is that none of them are particularly great for you, but they can make foods taste a little better. When used in small amounts, they can fit into a healthy diet.

I don’t know, I say just use whatever your favorite sweetener is but use it sparingly instead of using it to, like, sweeten your children from the inside out.

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