Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Small Collection, a series I started to help me focus on the things that bring me joy.

Happy SuperMoon Sundayeveryone! Today’s full moon is the biggest and brightest of the year. A super moon is basically a term that refers to the time at which the moon is closest while also being full. This can cause emotions to run high, so pros and cons, but wherever we are, let’s take a minute to feel the feelings.

Here are a few things from the week that have brought me joy.

1.) Saturday afternoon I met my friend Surkhab and some of her lovely friends for lunch at Taverna Kyclades in the East Village. I had a really awful date at the Astoria location once, so this was an awesome way to reset the balance. Their grilled octopus is to die for, and I loved the (free) dessert: Greek yogurt with cherries!taverna klycades yogurt

2. This time a year ago I was wearing a snuggie to stay warm in my frigid windowless office. What a difference a year makes! Not only do I get to enjoy moderate temperatures; I also have a great view with—gasp—natural sunlight. Never gets old.

3.) Speaking of natural sunlight, the weather in NYC has been gorgeous the last few days—sunny and warm with low humidity. Aka great hair weather.

4.) It’s a great weekend for a wedding. Though I had to miss the ceremony on Friday, I can’t wait to celebrate my friend Ali’s wedding tonight! It’s a little crazy that so many of my friends are getting married. Good crazy. 

5.) I made it to yoga 3 times instead of 2 this week. My brain is thankful.

What’s brought you joy recently? 

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