Happy Sunday! Welcome to another Small Collection, a series I started to help me focus on the things that bring me joy.

This past week flew by amazingly fast. After resting on Sunday, I had energy to get through a packed work schedule and to enjoy some actual evening plans for a change. Sometimes when things are a bit stressful or I find myself a bit freaked out or dragged down by what’s in the news, it helps to make an extra effort to take care of myself—whether that’s social time or relaxation in the form of yoga or a massage or unplugging a little.

1.) Wednesday night, I saw Deepak Chopra speak about his newest book, The Future of God, due out in November. It was actually a taping for a special that will air on PBS in December. What I got from the event was that spirituality and science can coexist because that divine energy we call “God” (or whatever we call it) is within each of us. I could totally get on board for that idea. Though I certainly have gone through a lot of questioning and searching over the years, finding answers has never been quite as important to me as finding peace and showing compassion. Having a label or an explanation is way less important to me than feeling centered and being able to give and receive positive energy.

2.) Thursday night I had dinner with some of my old dietetic intern friends at Burke & Wills. I’m still dreaming about the affogato I had for dessert. Brownie sticks + vanilla ice cream + espresso to pour on top = heavenaffogato

3.) After a restorative, centering morning yoga class, I may or may not have spent most of Friday binge-watching Dawson’s Creek on Netflix with the pup curled up on my lap as I worked on some handouts for my Boston event. I am incapable of just watching TV or a movie and I’m okay with that. It was still relaxing. As a single gal with a dog who won’t judge me, I can watch whatever guilty pleasure stuff I damn well please. I never actually watched this show when it was on the first go-around, and I’m kind of glad. It’s so much funnier to watch when your teen years are thankfully behind you and you can giggle to yourself about what a big deal everything used to be. And can we talk for a second about how the actors look way too old to be in high school? 

4.) The other day, on my way to the clinic where I work a few hours a week, I was wishing for a piece of chocolate. Very random but strong. Ah, hormones. About an hour later, the social worker walked down the hall with a handful of these and asked if I wanted one. It was so good. It’s basically a rule that I enjoy one small piece of chocolate a day, and this fit the bill perfectly. dove dark with caramel

5.) Today I have plans to go to a Women Who Brunch event. Can’t wait!

6.) This guy. #selfiefail #teething

Teething selfie fail

Have a great Sunday!

What’s brought you joy this week? 

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