Sunday morning already! First off, I want to extend warm thoughts to everyone affected by this weekend’s terror attacks. I never know what to say in response to news about violence, whether it’s close to home or places I’ve never been or seen. However, I always feel we should take a second to remember to be kind to one another.

During a stressful or difficult time, it’s especially important to take note of the small, good things. Here are a few of mine from the past week:



*Um, this levitating Star Wars-inspired wedding cake display is adorable—and pretty freaking cool.

*I love when my mom sends pictures of “Wild Eli.”

wild Eli

*This post from Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean on When Blogging Gets Hard. I really needed to read this the other day while slogging through an Impostor Syndrome flare-up. My head was spinning, and it brought me right back to earth.

*I had a really busy week, but that gave me an excuse to take myself out to dinner between meetings Thursday night. Despite the cool temps, I was craving sushi, so tucked into Ooki Sushi on NYC’s Upper East Side. I enjoyed some miso soup and the most gorgeous sashimi salad I’ve ever had while listening to couples bicker over platters of raw seafood.

ooki sushi

*Maybe I’m weird, but I loved the cool, crisp weather we had in the latter half of the week. Fall is my favorite season, so I am totally cool with the seasonal weather.

What are you grateful for this week? 

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