Happy Sunday! Hope you’re having a great weekend. Here’s a short and sweet little list of things that made me happy this week.

*Thursday night I had dinner at Kefi with a friend from grad school. It was so great to catch up over some delicious food. It makes me so happy to hear about the awesome things my lady-friends and former classmates are up to. They are totally rocking it. The food at the restaurant was also delicious. I ordered the grilled branzino and more or less cleared my plate, save for a few potatoes.
kefi branzino

*Speaking of RD/grad school friends, Saturday, I hosted a potluck brunch at my place Saturday. As usual, we had an awesome assortment of dishes. I contributed salmon and a salad that featured stone fruit and gorgonzola and a homemade sorbet that had mango, banana, and berry. My friend Kelly captured it way more beautifully than I could have: Summer Potluck brunch

*After dessert, we took a walk and did a little window shopping. It was really fun to catch up. I feel so lucky to know so many amazing women.

*It’s easy to complain about the weather when it’s hot and humid out, but in some weird way, I love it because it reminds me that it really is summer.

*I was quoted in this Yahoo Health article about yet another study suggesting that junk food causes a drug-like addiction. I generally make a habit of not reading comments on articles I’m in, but some of these were just too funny not to.

I’m working a weekend shift today at my per diem job (maybe this year I will learn how to say no?) but given the hot, humid temps predicted for today, I have a feeling I’ll be very happy to be in the AC.

What’s made you happy this week? 


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