Why does it seem the weekend goes so much more quickly when it’s beautiful outside?

I always look forward to these Sunday posts. No matter what ridiculousness the week has brought, it’s a nice time to take stock of the small, good things and dwell on the positive. I’ll often start drafting this post ahead of time so I can take jot those moments down as they come. Sometimes I’ll take a picture instead. For example, here’s a snapshot from a meeting/work gathering at a local restaurant where we shared a selection of appetizers and wine: per lei apps

Here are some things on my list this Sunday. The past week was very focused on communication and work things, but in an exciting way. The fact that I’ve been doing what I do for years and continue to find it energizing is definitely a good sign.

*Though I’m sometimes able to get into a writing groove at home, I definitely focus better outside my apartment. After having been introduced to it this winter through a friend who has since moved to California, I decided to join wework, almost as much for the networking events as the space. For now I’m just doing the starter commons option, but wow—love it.

*I took this really interesting strengths assessment test on Friday and was told my top 5 strengths are:

  • Responsibility
  • Learner
  • Discipline
  • Individualization
  • Empathy

*Sometimes challenging experiences give a fresh perspective or remind me of something important at the exact right time.

The other day, for example, I was quoted in Yahoo Food article that responded to statements made by the owner of fast-food chain Chipotle earlier in the week.  I made the rookie mistake of reading the comments the next day—note to self: don’t do that. No matter how clear you think you are, it’s impossible to escape the fact that there can be a huge difference in what you think you said and what other people think you said!

For the record, I would never support serving less food for the same amount of money, but I am in favor of food companies offering smaller serving options at lower prices to give consumers more choices. I also think that adjusting packaging to make these smaller-portion items more visually satisfying could also be a positive thing. Additionally, though calorie labeling may not be the most popular idea out there, I happen to be a fan of providing  information about what’s in our food so that consumers who want to know what they’re eating can educate themselves and make choices that work for them in the context of their particular needs and health goals.

Anyway, I did get a few good laughs in the process—when hundreds of people take time out of their day to talk smack, you have to have a thick skin and glean whatever amusement or insight you can from it. There is always something to learn. It was also a great reminder that, as much as we’d like to be able to control what other people think of us, the only thing we really can control is our own behavior and the ways in which we reaction to what goes on around us.

* My sister sent me this photo the other morning of Eli, who just wants to be outside playing in the mud all the time. Good thing he doesn’t mind baths. muddy eli

*This piece from Food52 about the various weird foods staff members’ moms made is wonderful. My mom was a fantastic cook, and I definitely picked up my love of leftovers for breakfast from her! Soup for breakfast is another, for sure.

Hope you have a beautiful day!

What’s on your “good things” list this weekend? Any “weird” foods or food habits that seemed totally normal in your family growing up? 

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