Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend been? Mine’s been a mix of work, other work, and a little bit of not-work. Welcome to my little weekly gratitude list where I make notes about the small, good things that made me smile recently. I feel like I could really use it this go-around. It seems that when the seasons change, my sleep cycle gets thrown off, which certainly makes for an inner balancing act.

Another thing that messes with my sleep is an inconsistent schedule. Since early January, I’ve been spending way less time at the hospital. Pros and cons. Because I basically I have no routine, I at least try to get up around the same time every morning to trick my body into thinking I have some kind of consistency in my life. I’ll often schedule early clients or go to yoga to get myself into “converse with other humans” mode. I need to be more disciplined about going to coffee shops to work on freelance projects because I always get so much done.

That said, it can be tempting if I go out sometimes to be, like, “Sure I’ll have a second glass of wine,” or get into a phone or text conversation when I get home and realize an hour later that—oh—it’s way past my “bedtime.”

The other night I dreamed Manhattan was a ship and I jumped off. Specifically, I walked away from a conversation that was annoying me and climbed down the west side to a little boat that was waiting. It was kind of badass.

The next night I didn’t sleep much but did manage to dream I brought I crate of kiwis to a work event. Huh.

*At least fewer days at the hospital = better desk lunches?meatballs over kale

Why did I wait until this year to learn how to make turkey meatballs? They’re one of my new favorite things, especially over steamed greens with really good parm on top.

*On a completely unrelated note but just because I want to share a recent favorite picture, I am such a crazy dog lady for Eli—he always makes me smile.

Happy Eli

*Friday I had lunch at Westville in Chelsea with a lady-friend I hadn’t seen in maybe a year. We both ordered the grilled salmon with market sides. This was so many favorite foods on one plate: salmon with sautéed kale with garlic & shallots and sautéed mushrooms. Yes. Am I still allowed to say “all the things?” Because that’s exactly what this was. Westville Salmon Keeping It Real Food

*This personality quiz on what your preferred style of eggs says about you made me giggle. Apparently my love of poached eggs means this: “You have a mysterious, elusive soul. You’re a hard worker, an entrepreneur, and the person everyone wants to be seen with. Don’t let stardom or partying interfere with your goals. Tends to be kinda lonely.”

*I’m quoted in a new article up on Shape about foods to eat to solve your nagging “girl problems.” Yep.

 What’s made you smile this week? Do you still say “all the things?”

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