Happy Sunday! Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day, however you spent it.

This week’s craziness was a good exercise in deep breathing and appreciating the bright spots amidst the chaos. On the flip side, I had a lot of opportunities to be grateful I had so many places to be running around to and so many meetings to coordinate and so many projects to work on.

Here’s my little gratitude list for the week:

1.) My first attempt at making meatballs (yes, ever) did not suck. In fact, it was really damn good if I do say so myself. I’ve got a recipe coming for you soon, but these were made with turkey from a local farm. Thanks, Farmigo!  IMG 9098 300x300 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things

2.) Getting reacquainted with some old favorite albums I hadn’t listened to in forever.

3.) I know I keep talking about it, but I’m seriously obsessed with the dark chocolate avocado mousse I posted Monday. It’s been one of those weeks where I am craving foods that have a lot of magnesium and potassium, so this satisfies many needs. I’ve also been craving Greek yogurt really fiercely—I even had it twice in one day a few times. That, right there, is why I will never be vegan.

4.) This picture. Buddies : )Eli and Satch  272x300 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things

5.) I never take the time to acknowledge how thankful I am for a body that puts up with a heck of a lot of wear and tear.

What are you grateful for this week?