Welcome to 2015. Friends is now on Netflix and life is complete. Here are some other joyous things from this week:

* My New Year’s Eve dress (from Rent the Runway) had pockets! IMG 8635 184x300 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things


(I have no mirror-selfie skills, but that’s okay!)

*Lambrusco served in a little white bowl at Uva, an adorable little wine bar on the Upper East Side. Lambrusco is my happy place in alcohol form. I’m not totally sure what that means but hey—will not over-think it.

*Trying a yoga pose that’s always terrified me—and actually managing to stay in it for a few breaths!

*Roasted cauliflower I made while testing recipes for an article. I tossed it with coconut oil and Indian spices before putting into a 400 degree oven. It came out perfectly. I need to make this more often. IMG 8663 300x225 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things

*Dinner with old friends last night. As they all couple off and move away, it’s hard to make time to see each other, so it’s an extra-special treat.

*Did I mention Friends on Netflix?

What’s brought you joy recently?