With the holiday season in full swing, I feel like barely have time to brush my teeth. I also said yes to a whole bunch more work-related stuff this week  because:
1.) If you want something done, ask a busy person.

1a.) Aka—Apparently piling more stuff on my to-do list forces me to actually focus on each small task during its allotted short window of time.

1b.) Maybe I have adult ADHD?

2.) I am crazy and need to get a life.

3.) If it feels good, do it!

This is actually a great time to take a few minutes to appreciate the small good things from the past week .

*Lunch at the Farmigo Headquarters Friday. It was so great to put a face to the name and meet some of the other team members. I’m so happy about how much the company has grown in just the past few months. I really love what they’re doing to make local food more accessible to more people. IMG 8415 300x225 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things


*This parody commercial by sketch group Hammerkatz, which is an awesome representation of what a tampon commercial made by men might look like.  I think the best part for me is imagining the writing process and the backstory behind some of the lines. For example, I wonder if someone actually told a lady that her vagina looked like “a weird ghost.”

*Laughing with my co-workers in the office on what was just a really weird Saturday.

*Finishing solid drafts of some exciting (to me, anyway) writing projects and following up on some stuff coming out in early 2015.

*I am loving these West Elm mugs from my sister. This one is my spirit animal. IMG 8423 300x300 - A Small Collection of Joyous Things

*Actually taking a break to get out and enjoy a nice meal in the company of other humans. Even I can’t be all work and no play.

*An encouraging text message from a colleague that cheered me up more than maybe they even knew—there is nothing like the right words at exactly the right moment.

What’s brought you joy this week? 

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