Good morning and Happy Sunday! How’s your weekend going? It’s been nice to have Saturday and Sunday off after working all last Saturday and Sunday. The past couple days have been busy but restorative. 

Here’s my little gratitude list for the week.

1.) Pictures my mom sent of Eli this week got me through a few stressful moments. I love this one with her and the and Eli

2.) Extending my bedtime the other night for a last-minute invite to go see The Country House. I’ve been living in New York almost 7 years and have seen embarrassingly few Broadway shows in that time. Totally worth being a little tired the next day. 

3.) It may not be the most joyful of songs, per se, but my sister got me hooked on the song, “Wilderness” by Middle Brother this week. 

4.) Maybe this is me getting old, but I’m loving the cooler fall weather. It’s not even about being excited to eat soup and pumpkin and hot breakfast—it’s the clothes. Boots, scarves, coats…love it.

5.) The extra light in the morning is wonderful.

What’s brought you joy this week?  


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