Why do the weekends go so fast? It feels like Friday was just yesterday! After spending most of my Saturday and Sunday in Brooklyn, I’m up and at ’em to start a new rotation at a site I haven’t been to since June.

I’m not gonna lie, I’ve been dreading my nutrition support rotation. I don’t mind the math involved in calculating tube feeds at all—I’m a (somewhat closeted) nerd who likes playing with numbers. What I’m nervous about is how I’m going to respond, emotionally, to critical care cases. That I’ll be working with the doctor who was in the room that time I passed out during my oncology rotation intimidates me too. Way to make a great first impression…Ah, well, at least it taught me to always carry snacks.

Nothing to do but take a deep breath and dive on in, though, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Even if I have to keep reminding myself “it’s only three weeks,” it’ll be okay. I know I’m going to learn a lot.

How do you approach intimidating situations? 

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