For years, I have been a loyal lover of oatmeal. It’s nice to have a reliable go-to food for busy mornings. Oatmeal is especially convenient because it’s easy to make and is packed with lots of nutrients like iron (great for people like me who aren’t gonna get it from steak), fiber, and calcium.

Another thing I love about it is that you can add almost anything to it. Fruit, nuts, wheat germ, and lots more. I’ve even eaten it with ice cream. Sometimes I put protein powder in it when I need a little boost, and another favorite mix-in is pumpkin.
A friend was telling me recently that she likes to mix a tablespoon of almond butter into her oatmeal after it’s cooked. “Tasty protein!” she raved. I tried it this morning, and wow. The almond butter does something cool to the texture of the oatmeal or the oatmeal does something cool to the texture of the almond butter. Whatever it is, it’s awesome.

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