Hello, hello.

Chris and I are up in Maine with his dad and stepmom this weekend, and boy, is it rainy!
I try to be a good Sagittarius and relish the adventure of traveling, but I am also a creature of habit and like my morning routine. Sometimes I get cranky when I’m out of my comfort zone, so I usually have a few things I do to help me chill out.
This morning, I did yoga while Chris sawed wood in the background. It was really nice—both energizing and relaxing. And then I went out into the kitchen where his folks were working on their laptops and joined the party. Late Summer newsletter had to go out.
Last night, we went out to this wonderful restaurant in Wells, Joshua’s, which has its own farm. Worth the trip.
For breakfast, I had a cut-up banana, green grapes, a few almonds, and half an expired yogurt (I didn’t want to be rude and point out that the best-by date was over a month ago). It tasted okay, but I was a little bit too nervous to finish the whole thing. 2 ounces probably won’t make me sick. Being as I have the stomach of a goat, the whole 4 ounces probably would have been fine too, but better safe than sorry all over someone else’s house.

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