I don’t know about you, but I feel like this week is flying. Hope you enjoyed Wednesday’s WIAW randomness. Sometimes when I’m really busy, it’s way too easy to hole up every night in front of my computer, click-clacking away at some work assignment or other instead of catching up with friends or tending to domestic matters. I keep a clean apartment, for example, but it happens in bursts.

The other night, even though I had work to do, I managed to make a batch of lazy-person’s brownies. All you do is add ~3/4-1 can of pumpkin to brownie mix, bake according to the directions, and enjoy. Most of these went in the freezer, but I left out a few of course… 

Wednesday, after a full day at the hospital, where the highlight of my day was sneaking a photo of these fellas at lunch (the juxtaposition of the traditional robes with the sterility of a hospital cafeteria tickled me—what can I say?), I met up with a friend for an early dinner.

I am totally going to hell for this

I’d heard great things about Peacefood Cafe, so we decided to check it out. I’ll be honest—I really, really wanted to like it. However, I also have to acknowledge that my stance on vegan restaurants has changed in the past year since I:

  1. Found out I can’t have tree nuts (so much for all those pestos, pates, and raw desserts)
  2. No longer have to worry about a dining companion who seems to like making a stink about a dearth of vegetarian options in pretty much any restaurant.

Anyway, I ordered the Peace Bowl—brown rice topped with 3 different kinds of roasted veggies and served with ginger scallion oil. I added tempeh on top for an extra 3 bucks because, well, protein. 

It was really good, but I wasn’t wowed. Granted I didn’t order the most exciting thing, and I’m sure that some of the other options would have been more interesting. However, I left feeling, like, “Gee, I just spent twenty bucks on something I could have made just as well at home. ” I was satisfied, sure, but that much fiber in one meal is going to satisfy you no matter what.

When I got in the elevator, coming home, an elderly Japanese woman announced that she’d just eaten an entire lobster. I was kind of jealous. And by “kind of,”  I mean “very.”

At least I had brownies to look forward to for dessert…

Have you ever had an underwhelming meal at a place you were told was amazing? What was it like? 

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