1.) Wedding season it almost here. #vanityWhite Strips


2.) This  hilarious post from Foodtrainers: “Are you an “Instaslave?” (I’m totally a little bit guilty of 9 & 10)

3.) Sometimes I get living-space envy when I see bloggers talking about being upstairs or being downstairs in their home. I essentially live in one room and it feels huge. Until I read something about someone’s basement or washer-dryer in the garage. Then I remember I don’t have to clean all those rooms and I feel happy and NYC-smug again.

4.) This Lobster Polenta Pizza from How Sweet It Is—right up my alley. I can’t believe I spent the first 18 years of my life thinking I hated lobster. I could basically eat it with anything now. For the uninitiated, Trader Joe’s frozen langostino tails are a good day-to-day substitute.

5.) Any of you guys with upcoming travel plans, check out this jet-lag app—so cool!

6.)  How to do “small plates” right.

cosmo surf and turf7.) Sexy-time in the presence of crustaceans just sounds like a bad idea. Lobster claws are strong! Also, can someone please tell the folks at Cosmo that they totally missed an opportunity to make an Annie Hall joke?

On a semi-related note, I tend to dream about lobsters when I have anxiety about whether I should be involved with someone I’m involved with. This winter, I had a dream about getting a lobster at a suburban grocery store. Instead of giving it to me in a bag, the person behind the counter just handed it to me, and the lobster clamped down on my left arm. My dream-self tried to play it cool, tried to shake it loose, but no dice. I asked the cashier if she could please kill the lobster, and she gave me a blank stare. It was then I realized that in order to get the lobster to let go of me, I had to first let go of the lobster. I woke up skittish as ever but feeling like I’d learned something.

8.) I’m working on next month’s newsletter—drop me a line at keepingitrealfood(at)gmail(dot)com if you want to be added to the list.

Are you a slave to Instagram? Do you like lobster? 


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