Good morning and happy Friday. How’s your week been? Not sure about you, but I feel like it’s flown by even more quickly than usual.

Here’s another set of things for Friday:

1.) I love that my phone recognizes “quinoa” as an autocorrect option, even if it does think “wino” is a close relative. One thing at a time…

Communal Kale Salad2.) Tuesday I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon with one of my lady friends who moved halfway across the country a few months ago. We went to newly-opened Communal on the Upper West Side, where I enjoyed the kale salad with some chicken. We spent the next few hours walking through the park, shopping, and indulging in scalp massages at my favorite Chinese bodywork place. It was like a mini-vacation!

3.) I’ve been adding cocoa powder to my chili for years, but this recipe (to which I was introduced via Hungry, Healthy Girl) takes the idea to another level. I really want to try this!

4.) Yesterday, another friend posted a link to  this guide to healthy eating during Passover.

5.) While we’re on the subject of what to eat during religious holidays, for anyone doing Meatless/Fish-Only Friday for Lent: The folks at Serious Eats taste-tested a bunch of frozen veggie burgers so you don’t have to.

6.) Good news for my fellow early risers/freaky morning people!

7.) Speaking of wake-up time, a few this past week, I found myself staying up to read Andre Aciman’s Harvard Square—loved it! I’m legitimately sad that I devoured it in 3 days and that it’s over. It also reminded me that I really need to make a summer trip to Boston. I don’t miss living there, but I’m now nursing a major case of nostalgia.

What’s on your  mind this Friday? What was the last book you read? 

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