Well done, you’ve made it to Friday. Anything fun planned for the weekend? Unlike last weekend, I’m working part of it at the hospital, but I’m also planning some fun things too.

1.) Also planning: Any readers in New Jersey, I’ll be doing a fun event at a local Athleta store later this month.

2.)  What it would take to burn off your favorite Easter candy. Very informative, unless your favorite Easter candy happens to be jelly beans, specifically the white Russell Stover’s flavor that tastes like your childhoodJust saying. 

3.) The Onion nails it once again 

4.)  Mindy Kaling being awesome

5.) I made hemp seed pesto the other night (recipe tk), using these cubes I had in the depths of my freezer. #CulinarySpringCleaning IMG_5422

6.) Let’s talk food jags for a minute: This week, my go-to after-work snack has been sprouted-grain toast with peanut butter or avocado on it. Complex Carbs + Healthy Fat + Protein=staying power. Perfection. Unfortunately, I’ve been too ravenous to remember to take a picture.

7.) Ever wonder what chefs have in their fridge at home? Of course you do.


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