I’m not going to sugar-coat it: there is some f***ed-up, confusing sh!t going on in the world this week: the Boston marathon bombings, the gun control rulings, the explosion in West, Texas…There are a lot of people out there who need love and support right now.

I’m not exactly in the kind of headspace that makes me want to talk about things like oatmeal (though I’ve been eating a lot of this recently) or omega-3s or even things like bacon or what you should eat after sex, but over the course of the past few days, my family and friends have reminded me that it’s also important to celebrate the good things in life, even when it just seems like the whole world’s going wrong. Even if it’s just celebrating the everyday or things, like, “Sweet—got the ‘walk’ sign!”


Central Park is waking up

So here’s a little good things/gratitude list:

  • My friend Laura and her husband Chad’s Bushwick restaurant, Mama Joy’s, got a great write-up in New York magazine recently.
  • Mad Men is back.
  • Beautiful weather, lots of long walks. I even wore sandals yesterday.
  • Thug Kitchen.
  • I got a capo for my ukulele. I can now distract myself in different keys much more easily.
  • And oh yeah—I’m starting a new job soon.

What’s on your “good things” list? 

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