After giving birth to daughter Maxwell four months ago, new Weight Watchers spokesperson Jessica Simpson is reportedly now only ten pounds from her pre-baby size (or as we they say in clinical, “pregravid weight,” which just sounds weird and creepy).

The singer recently shared her diet and exercise plan with Us Weekly. Though I tend to roll my eyes at celebrity diets, it was a nice change of pace to see some real food on the list and not some juice cleanse/raw crackers crash combination. I also appreciate that Simpson is honest about the fact that she has a personal trainer to help. Cookie diet this is not.

Hey, good for her. Even with a trainer and payment from a major weight loss organization, sticking to a health goal takes effort and commitment, and I think it’s good for the public to see someone actually work at it instead of disappear for six months and show up a size 0.

What do you think about publishing celebrity weight-loss plans? 


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