settling for shots of seltzer

I invented a new drinking game today. Here’s how it works: I take a shot every time my Nutrition & Aging textbook uses the phrase “frail elders.”

A shot of espresso that is.

Unfortunately, this game presupposes that I own an espresso maker with which to make these espresso shots or that I can afford an endless stream of $1.95 solo shots from Starbucks. Alas, until that magical day when I have room for such an  appliance in my life or at least do not have to worry about blowing my cash at coffee shops, I’ll just have to make do with rolling my eyes. 

I love coffee—visiting an espresso factory in Italy and smelling the fresh-roasted beans was an out-of-body experience. Espresso beans are amongst my favorite beans in this world, along with cocoa beans, of course…

Tonight was one of those Sunday nights where Chris and I both looked up from studying and said, “Oh crap—I’m really hungry. Are you? What should we eat?Ahhh!” Cue crazy stomach growling. Luckily, there was some yellow split pea soup and Ezekiel English muffins in the freezer and salad ingredients in the fridge.

Also amazing: butter beans

While eating, I proclaimed that yellow split peas just might be “my favorite soup bean.” Yes, technically they’re a legume, but let’s not split hairs.

“Your favorite soup bean?” Chris said. “So what’s your favorite, like, burrito bean?”

“Easy—black beans.”

“Really? Not pinto beans?”


So we went on, discussing preferred bean varieties. Some of mine, for example:

  • Favorite pasta bean: white beans
  • Favorite bean to eat with rice: pinto beans
  • Favorite spreadable bean: garbanzo beans
  • Favorite bean to use in chili: black beans, kidney beans
  • Favorite often-overlooked bean: black-eyed peas
  • Favorite dessert bean: red beans (in red bean ice cream)

Black beans are great in brownies!

There’s a bean for practically every occasion. Clearly, we had probably been studying a little too hard or were a little under-caffeinated at this point. Don’t judge—Sunday is space-cadet day in our apartment.

So I showed you my list—what about you? What are your favorite beans?

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