For my last Masters course, I’ve been working on a research study about breakfast consumption, so this all-important first meal of the day has been on my mind a lot.

In fact, the initial seeds for the project were planted during a discussion/debate with someone who started their day with a red bull and a cigarette. Many people insist they’re too busy in the morning to eat anything, but regular breakfast intake has been consistently associated with a lower BMI, adequate nutrient intake, and improved performance and work and school.

ubiquitous bowl of zucchini bread oats

ubiquitous bowl of zucchini bread oats

It’s no secret I’m partial to oatmeal. Here are a few of my favorites:

When I’m not eating oatmeal, sometimes I’ll have pancakes, egg white scrambles with lots of veggies, yogurt bowls, or green smoothies. Basically, the world could end, and I would still make breakfast.

My personal breakfast equation goes a little something like:
fresh fruit/vegetable + whole grain (oats, bread, cereal) + protein and/or fat (peanut butter, yogurt, cheese, milk, etc)

The mix of different nutrients helps keep me energized and satisfied until lunch, and way more likely to keep making good choices throughout the day since I have adequate brain function. Our brains need fuel to think clearly—waiting until we’re past the point of hunger clouds our judgment. Not so helpful if you’re scanning a takeout menu at 2 pm.

Self Magazine’s nutrition blog also has some great, easy  breakfast ideas that happen to be under 350 calories each.

What’s your favorite breakfast? 

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