I promised more pictures from my sister’s graduation weekend, so here are a few highlights.

The day we got in, we had lunch at Toro, a great tapas restaurant. The only photos that survived are of the white anchovies and a beautiful salad. Afterwards, the weather got really nice (legitimately nice, not just for Boston!), so we spent a lot of time walking around outside and took some very touristy pictures in the Public Gardens. It was weird to be there—I used to live a five-minute walk away. Funny how time passes.

Saturday was nice and mellow. After a workout and breakfast, Chris and I grabbed coffee with an old professor of mine at Diesel Cafe in Somerville, and go figure, my thesis advisor happened to be at the next table! It was a nice surprise to catch up with her for a few minutes and lament the sexist nature of yogurt commercials. I spent the rest of the day with my mom, sister, and Melina while Chris studied. In the evening, we got a late dinner with Chris’ mom, step-dad, and step-brother at an Italian restaurant called Dante in Cambridge. I passed out around 11:30. I was wiped.

Sunday, I was up at 7 to get ready for Julia’s graduation ceremony. It was mercifully short, so we had the rest of the morning to have lunch at Tapeo, one of my favorite restaurants in Boston, before heading back to New York. The photos including are just a small sampling of the insane assortment of things we passed around the table. I wish I could get their garlic shrimp and sauteed mushrooms in New York. It was the perfect way to end a great weekend.

It looks like this summer is going to be packed with travel for me. Next up, Florence, Italy on Saturday! I’m doing a 3-week course on the Mediterranean Diet, and I can’t wait for all the farm and factory tours, wine tastings, and even the lectures on Italian cuisine and food policies.

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