Can you believe it’s already September? Since Labor Day has come and gone, can I ask how your summer was? I kind of feel like it was just Memorial Day weekend.

I have to admit, this season surprised me. I went into it feeling somewhat adrift in a stream of bitter feelings and Big Questions (the kind you know sort themselves out but which you agonize over anyway). I totally underestimated the healing power of time and puppies, though. This summer was the first time in recent memory I’d felt a sense of peace and didn’t feel the need to pick it apart or question it. It was, like, “Oh, this is how this feels. I like this.” Haha I think having less time in the day gave me no option but to be very much in tune with what I want and need—and what I won’t put up with.  Regardless of what these next months have in store, I feel happy about where I’m starting from.

IMG_5220That said, skim even a small sampling of news headlines from the past few months and it’s easy to see why a lot of people are saying “Good f-ing riddance” to the summer of 2014, but how about we put a positive spin on that sentiment?

September brings a new season, and with it, a sense of renewed energy—a little nudge in the direction of Let’s do this. Here are a few ways to savor this September:

1.) Buy a few fall decorations for your home. It can be something small like a candle, or you can go totally nuts and string lights, toss fake leaves around—whatever makes you happy!

2.) Make a big pot of chili. My recipe page has a few of my favorites. Cornbread optional but strongly encouraged.

3.) Start packing your lunch the night before. Less stress in the morning.

4.) Refresh your office supplies. Buy a new pack of pens, some folders, or go all out with a desk organizer.

5.) Change all your lightbulbs to full spectrum ones—one of the best ways to make up for the lack of sunlight that sets in come fall. SAD be damned!

6.) Go apple picking. You can also spend some time at a farmers’ market chatting up the farmers about all the different varieties. Make a pie with them apples. Or don’t and try this easy ready-in-minutes dessert instead.

How do you plan to savor September? 

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