Writing and media work have been a part of my business since very early on, and I get a lot of questions from other people in the wellness world about how they can position themselves as an expert and get featured in publications, so I thought I wanted to share some insight from my own experience in this field. I completely understand that finding your niche in any career can be both a fun and challenging experience — I’ve been there, and just like you, my path has been unique and my career is ever-changing —so I hope you find this helpful!

One fundamental thing I think is especially important to share is the following: if you want to position yourself as an expert in any field, you need to identify your niche. So, how do you do that?


To get started, ask yourself these 4 questions:

  • What do you specialize in?

  • What are you passionate about helping people with?

  • Who is your ideal patient, client, or customer?

  • What publications, podcasts, and other outlets are relevant to that ideal patient, client, or customer? (Answering this particular question may take some research and please keep in mind that it’s more than ok to start with smaller outlets and evolve from there.)


When answering these questions, I suggest writing your thoughts down and trying to get super specific about your interests and what you feel strongly about. Having a granular focus can be especially helpful as you work through your thoughts and determine your next step forward.

Finally, I am SO excited to share this news with you! On September 2nd, I’m launching the first in my series of virtual wellness media networking events (https://www.eventbrite.com/e/perfect-your-pitch-with-health-journalist-julie-revelant-tickets-117437050379) with health journalist Julie Revelant, where we’ll be chatting about finding your place in the wellness media world and crafting the perfect pitch. I would love for you to join us!

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