Happy Friday! What are you up to this weekend? I’m headed to New Jersey for the day tomorrow to take my little dude to puppy class and to spend some quality time with my sister. I don’t anticipate much cooking, but you never know. Sunday is only half-scheduled. Here are a few recipes and ideas on my mind as of late.

IMG 7971 300x300 - 3 Things to Make this Weekend1.) Fish. Any kind at all. This time of year, it’s especially important to get enough omega-3’s to chase away the Seasonal Affective Disorder fairy. Cold water fish like salmon is an especially rich source, and actually very easy to cook. The other night I took a humble frozen fillet and made myself a lovely solo dinner. Sometimes it’s nice to make a fuss for yourself.  And by “making a fuss,” I mean wrapping some fish in some foil, baking it, and then laying it over a pile of reheated roasted veggies.

2.) In an ambitious moment a few months ago, I bought a bag of frozen hash browns at Trader Joe’s, telling myself I’d serve it with scrambled egg whites & veggies. Then my schedule got crazy and I kind of forgot about “fancy” breakfasts. Watch this will be the month I make it happen. In case I don’t, there’s always the option to make a casserole and freeze small servings. This Food Network recipe uses Greek yogurt to lighten things up without sacrificing that rich casserole-ish texture. Or so it seems. Someone want to make this and let me know what happens?

3.) Anyone else got any holiday (or just-because) potlucks coming up? I do! This list of healthy recipe ideas from FitSugar is a great jumping-off point if you’re stumped about what to bring.

What are you up to this weekend? Any recipes you’re planning to try? 

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