sliced appleHappy Friday! First off, I want to wish a very happy birthday to my younger sister! I’m lucky to have her in my life—she’s an inspiration to me in so many ways, from her style to her patience to her ability to call it like she sees it…To borrow one from my dad’s book of Awkward Things Uttered at Inappropriate Moments: Thanks for making us?

On a completely different note, here are some recipes & things that caught my eye this week. I’ll be working at the hospital all weekend, but you should cook this stuff so I can live vicariously:

Apple Pie. Here are the best apples to use.

ABC Kitchen’s Butternut Squash on Toast.

Gimme Some Oven’s Coconut Oil Pumpkin Bread.

And as a little bonus…I could have used this a few weeks ago: 10 Smart Ways to Use Leftover Pumpkin Puree from the Kitchn.

 What are you up to this weekend? 

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