Happy Friday! What are you getting into this weekend? I have plans for yoga, birthday dinner with old friends, and a food photo shoot for a project. I’ll be doing a little cooking for said project, but otherwise, I plan to keep things pretty simple in the kitchen. I do intend to play around with the produce from my latest Farmigo haul, though.  

Siggi1.) Hot chocolate with red wine in it from Yeahimmaeatthat. So, wow. You’re probably best sipping this from a small glass than slurping from a mug, but I mean that in the best way possible.

2.) Skyr. The other day I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Siggi of Sigg’s yogurt and a roomful of dietitians. After telling his story, the very charming Siggi demonstrated how to make our own Skyr (Icelandic for “very thick yogurt” or something thereabouts). You could go through the proper (though not very complicated) steps, or you could also just strain some yogurt over cheesecloth in a colander overnight and—hooray!—end up with some very thick yogurt. From there, the options are endless. The thick yogurt is yours—do as you like with it.

3.) Savory oatmeal. No time like a weekend to try something a little different.


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