April felt like an entire season unto itself. I’ve been trying to think about what stories I’ll share about the COVID-19 pandemic one day when this is all a memory. For now, though, it’s just about getting through it. Like so many people I talk to, I have been finding productivity to be more of a challenge right now, but small steps are still steps! I’ve been working on something behind the scenes to share with you soon! 



In the meantime, here’s a peak at some recent podcast episodes, publications and media appearances. 


April 2020 Media


Podcast Episodes: 


Episode 49: Tony Award-Winning Producer Jenna Segal On Creative Ways To Connect And Thrive

Episode 50: “What Next?” Author Elana Lyn Gross 

Episode 51: Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist Mary Beth Del Balzo On How To Nurture Your Mental Health During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Episode 52: Wellness Trainer and Coach Whitney Tucker On The Intersection of Physical Experience and Mindset

Episode 53: Physical Therapist Kristin Sapienza on What You Need To Know About Your Pelvic Floor




Wellness Experts Share The Self-Care Tactics They’re Relying On During COVID-19



Quoted In:



Nutritionists Open Up A Can of Tomatoes 

7 of the Best Canned Foods To Enjoy Right Now (And Always)

The 12 Best Gluten-Free Flours 

What Is Oat milk? Benefits, Nutrition, and

 How To Use Greens Powder In Your Baking For An Extra Nutrient Boost



Women’s Health:

Healthy Dried Fruit Snacks




How The Coronavirus Lockdown Can Affect Eating Disorder Recovery—And What You Can Do About It


Freshly Blog


Top High-Fiber Foods And Why Your Gut Needs Them Now 




This Is Why Your Homemade Bread Isn’t As Fluffy As It Should Be


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