Sunday morning I was up bright and early to hit the gym and hop on a train to Boston for the nuptials of Shug and Bug—aka Jenn and Brent.

Though Jenn is technically my aunt, we’re only ten years apart, and we used to hang a lot more when I lived in Boston. I miss her a lot, so I was super-excited to see her and Brent and get my dancing shoes on.

The trip up was nice and uneventful. I ate my pumpkin overnight oats (in an almost-empty sun butter jar) and worked on a few papers. I also took a 15-minute upright accidental catnap—super-sexy.

After dropping out stuff at the hotel, Chris and I walked around Harvard Square in search of food. We ended up at Clover, a newish (at least to us) vegetarian place. He got a BBQ seitan sandwich and I ordered the chickpea platter—little falafel-like fritters with tahini, hummus, pickled cabbage and carrots, and a few kinds of salad. Not too shabby for $6.

The wedding was held at Boston’s Museum of Science. In college, I used to go to the midnight Pink Floyd laser light shows with friends on the weekends here, but this was a decidedly more grown-up event!

Jenn and Brent were married at sunset by their friend Emily. It was the sweetest, cutest ceremony ever. I totally cried. Again.

After a cocktail hour outside, we all gathered in a big tent. I didn’t take a ton of food pictures because I was too busy talking and dancing, but everything was delicious. The catering was done by Wolfgang Puck. It was definitely a cut above your typical party fare. In addition the beet and goat cheese salad, I enjoyed salmon with bok choy and what I think was mashed butternut squash. I was kind of envious of Chris’ vegetarian Napoleon though. It was a carefully constructed pile of roasted veggies with goat cheese—gorgeous. Between courses there was passionfruit sorbet. So cute!

The cake was also adorable—I loved that it was in keeping with the orange color scheme. One layer was chocolate, which is what I had, but later in the night, they put out a layer of white cake with strawberry filling. 

Chris had to leave early to catch a bus back to NYC (he had work Monday morning), so after seeing him off, I spent the next few hours dancing. Once I get started, I can’t stop! Dancing when all your family is around can be awkward, but everyone was on the floor and the music was great.

Don’t you love how celebrating with people you love makes you completely unaware of how late it is? I seriously could have kept going until dawn. Because I had to get up early the next morning, though (I had class Monday night), I called it a night around 2.

Do you dance at weddings? 

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