Despite all the reading I have for class, I felt like cooking when I got home tonight. It is my favorite procrastination tool, after all. My plans for a spice-rubbed tofu led to marinated (in leftover cucumber-yogurt dressing) baked tofu over another Greek-style salad. Sometimes having similar dinners two nights in a row is just how it goes when you’re busy. And besides, salad is so refreshing on a hot night!dsc02742 - Twice as Nicedsc02744 - Twice as Nice

Chris also decided to make some sunflower-seed butter. It came out really well, especially when you consider he’d never made nut butter before. Hahaha um…”nut butter” just sounds so awkward. I’m giggling like I’m twelve.

Okay, time to go back to being a grad student again : (
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